One stop fertility exploration

I can offer you a one stop fertility exploration. This means that we complete all examinations in 1 day.

How does it work?

You send me a mail for appointment for one stop fertility exploration. I will send you some administrative documents to fill in.

If you have already some examinations or treatment that where performed it is best to collect as much information as possible and send it to me.

I will send you a link for video consult.

In this consultation we will decide which examinations are necassary. We plan them all in 1 day.

We discuss the result of the examinations the same day and make a treatment plan.


Oocyte vitrification: Stop the clock .

Vitrification is a recently developed technique that allows freezing of oocytes.

This may be necessary for women who need to start with a treatment that could damage their fertility, ex. Chemotherapy.

But also women who wish to delay their pregnancy can use this technique. The biological clock of the eggs is stopped at the moment of freezing. In this way, women can gain time. It is advisable to do so before the age of 35 years.